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Sheila tells all about our fundraising at Glastonbury Extravaganza

It was with great excitement that I put my name forward to go to the Glastonbury Extravaganza with our Bridgwater Friends of CRUK group. I’d also volunteered my friend Atha, well she’s pretty good at volunteering for us and would enjoy Paloma Faith who was headlining!!

So with gladrags on and sensible shoes we went off with the boss man Gavin to Glastonbury Abbey. Several other volunteers went to also do the bar and we had others stewarding.

First job was cutting the fruit for the Pimms jugs and as the delivery of alcohol and fruit had arrived late, it was all hands on deck moving stock and preparing the bar. Having had a pub and acting as chef for five years, I cut the fruit with One of the ladies from Masqueraders Carnival Club. We had good fun doing it and it was great to get to know her and the others from


The bar was open and the serving started, meanwhile we were still cutting fruit!!!! Time went on and it was extremely busy for most of the night. After completing fruit I served behind the bar.

Sadly no Paloma as she apparently had laryngitis, so at the last minute Rodney Branigan and Tom Odell stood in for her. The crowd still seemed to enjoy the music and atmosphere and we all had a good time.

Lesson learnt I think is next time to wear our Cancer Research polos as when we told people on occasion and in jest, that we were doing it for CRUK, they gave us a good tip!!! So thank you Glastonbury Extravaganza for using us and thanks to the public for supporting us again. See you there next year!

As a group, we do some a wide range of fundraising activities from stewarding and bar work at live music festival, to running bingos and collecting at carnivals and supermarkets with nearly everything in between!! If you are interested in volunteering with us (whether it be a hour her and there, one event or perhaps more) please do get in touch

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